That Yoga helps requires no convincing anymore

That Yoga helps requires no convincing anymore. Hatha Yoga Pradapika explains Yoga as that which protects the practitioner from all sufferings, the way a house protects one from the burning heat of the Sun. It supports the Yogi, like the tortoise supports the world (reference to Vishnu’s Kurma avtaar).
अशषेतापतप्तानां समाश्रयमठो हठ: ।
अशेषयोगयुक्तानामाधरकमठो हठ: ॥
But Yoga helps ONLY if we practice it. Many are, many still need some more inspiration. So if you practice Yoga, Or you want to practice but don’t know where to start, Or you still have some doubts about impact of Yoga – Come by to Laguna Verde Club House, on 10th June – 4pm to 6 pm to celebrate with us International Yoga Day (albeit a few days early)
The 2 hour sessions would cover
1. An overview on Yoga and Physiology – Understanding Yoga, how (and why) it works!
2. Samuhik Surya Namaskar and Pragya Yogasan (a modified sequence of suryanamaskar) which works body and mind). Pragya is wisdom. In this internet age we have loads of knowledge and information, wisdom still eludes! But how can yoga impact wisdom? Well that you will see in the first part of the session.
3. Demonstration and practice of select few effective Asanas
4. Naad Yog -> Naad is Sound. Music has the power to bring peace and heal. We will learn the process of practicing Dhyan (meditation) with and on Naad (music) to relax and rejuvenate.
We will follow the guidelines laid down by Yug Rishi Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya, the founder of Gayatri Parivaar, a pioneer in the area of Scientific Spirituality. The Yoga practice sessions with be led by Veenuji,, the very young but extremely talented Yoga teacher. I personally have a huge regard for her knowledge and style.
The above is for everyone over 10 years of age. And yes, do get your kids along – we will have a parallel session for kids under 10 as well.
For other details see the flyer attached. Please note: Admission is Free but we have limited capacity (~80 adult slots). And get your Yoga Mats. For RSVP you can message any of the numbers mentioned in the flyer.

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