Scattergories… with a twist!! It’s harder than you think…. No using Google! Every answer must start with the first letter of your last name.
Last Name -Thirgood.
Animal – tiger
Girls Name – Teresa
Colour – teal
Movie- Tron
Something you wear – T-shirt
Drink – tea
Food – toast
Bathroom item – toilet
Place – tibet
Reason to be late – traffic
Boys Name – thomas
Celebrity – Tiny Tim
Candy – toffee
Copy and paste on your page with your answers.
For the really obsessive, try it with all the letters in your last name.
Animal: tiger, hippo, ibis, rabbit, goat, opossum, orangutan, donkey
Girls name: Teresa, Hilda, Ileen, Rachael, Gail, Odette, Oprah, Doris
Colour: teal, hazel, red, gold, orange, ochre, dun
Movie: Tron, Hidalgo, Inception, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Godzilla, Ordinary People, Oblivion, Dr. Strangelove
Something you wear: T-shirt, hat, insoles, raincoat, overcoat, overshoes, dungarees
Drink: tea, hot chocolate, rooibos, guava, oolong, orange juice, daiquiri
Food: toast, ham, insects, roast beef, gravy, onions, oranges, dates
Bathroom item: Toilet, hairbrush, inamorata, razor, glass, oil, ointment, drugs
Place: Tibet, Halifax, Ireland, Richmond Hill, Gdansk, Odessa, Ottawa, Detroit
Reason to be late: Traffic, hold-up, insanity, raid, god was talking to me, obstruction in the road, death
Boys name: Thomas, Harvey, Ibrahim, Roy, Gary, Orange, Obey, Doug
Celebrity: Tiny Tim, Harry Truman, Issac Hayes, Ray Charles, Gary Oldman, Oprah Winfrey, Oppenheimer, Drake
Candy: toffee, Hershey’s, Ice Breakers, Reese’s, Good n Plenty, Oreo, Orbit, Dum Dums
If you are wondering about “Orange” as a boys name, the founder of Orangeville, Ontario was a man from Connecticut named Orange Lawrence.

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