Eksuites stay away from arm robbers who disguised to be an Angel in the night

Eksuites stay away from arm robbers who disguised to be an Angel in the night…
This is to call eksuites attention to set of jejune and insipid students of faculty of law, namely
1Fadahunsi olumide plunder
2 Isreal kalmax
Bearers of the name above chosen to play upon the integrity of generalissimo eksuites because of their own selfish parochialism and personal interest..
They both want to dine and wine with the union money by seeking for task force official post which the sug executive observe their dubious aim and refused to give them way..
They demanded for money out of the union money which gathered from the dues we the eksuites paid out of recession for their embezzlement motive which the sug executive believed it is noting but corruption and refused again to comply with their stealing aim..
They claimed team Arouson received 2millons that has to do with taskforce and demanded for 200,000
They went further by negotiating with president Arounson and other executives, day and night and even turn it to price of clothes which they begans to price to 150,000 and again all their restless effort to squander the union money went in futility as the sug executives sanctioned their aimed of turning public goods and money that belongs to all eksuites to their own benefit..
Be aware because of the failure of team Arouson to agree with them in embezzle the union money, they just intending using the deceit weapon to gather eksuites forces in causing chaos, rancor,pandemonium and lacuna to the smooth running student union government led by Aridiogo olaitan David pka Arouson because they were not giving chance to loot the money that belongs to all eksuites.
Eksuites refuse to be use by insipid and jejune
Eksuites say no to hypocrisy
Don’t be fool by 419..
God bless ekiti state university
God bless eksuites…

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